Why Raw Food

We created Naturawn pet food out of a desire to give pet parents a convenient and safe option to feed their pets a natural, wholesome and complete raw diet. Our dog and cat food is designed around the daily rituals of caring for your pet’s body, skin and well-being but with a dietary balance. Our natural premium petfood range uses only fresh human grade meat. Your animal’s body will recognize this premium food and use it to heal and nourish itself, just as nature intended. Animals thrive when they are fed food that is biologically appropriate for them.

By choosing to feed your pet raw food, you are giving them access to what they would be eating out in the wild, just as nature intended. We source only the finest quality of meat to ensure that your pet has the best nutrition for the most affordable price. All our food is freshly made and frozen in small rolls which is more convenient for raw feeding. You can be confident that you are giving your pets natural raw food that they need to grow and thrive on!    

We believe that everything boils down to the food we feed our animals. The nutrients they intake from food will inevitably have their effects on how our pets look and feel on the outside. Skin irritations are often the leading sign that the food your companion is eating is of a poor quality, lacking the required nutrients and consisting of substances which can be quite harmful. Most manufactured pet food products consist of ground-up animal parts, as opposed to real chunks of meat, and additives such as thickeners and preservatives. It is also important to mention that a lot of these products contain fruits and vegetables which cats and dogs cannot digest and would not normally eat to begin with. 

Some companies have been adding pea flour into their food, which adds to the amount of protein in the product, therefore tricking the customer into thinking that the whole protein count comes from the meat. 

Currently, chicken parts are the cheapest and most profitable for use for the manufacturers, and here is why:

Firstly, starting at 4 weeks after birth until adulthood, farm chickens are treated with antibiotics. This treatment terminates 2 weeks prior to the chicken being killed, which is why chicken products can write on their labels that no antibiotics were used. Analysis of the meat will also indicate that no antibiotics are present as the substance had already been processed by the body weeks ago.
Secondly, instead of hormones, which the law currently prohibits, farmers use natural and synthetic growth and vitamin simulators. These simulators allow the chicken to eat less while growing faster.

Lastly, in order to maintain the freshness and juiciness of the meat, manufacturers will use substances, like saline solutions, that allow it to withhold water.

When inspected, farm chickens’ livers are in a deplorable state, appearing completely damaged and inflamed. 

If your pet has an allergy, we recommend you to try feeding them with raw meat. Try using chicken raised on natural food without any additives or simulators. You can also try using raw rabbit, deer, goat, or cattle which was on a grass-only diet. In other words, use any meat that came from animals that fed on natural foods. Also keep in mind that just because a meat product is labeled organic, it does not mean it is free of antibiotics.